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When disadvantaged adolescents strike out: the impact of negative metastereotypes on delinquency

Christian Issmer, Jost Stellmacher, Mario Gollwitzer

This paper aims to examine the impact of perceived negativity against the ingroup on delinquency in disadvantaged social groups. It is based on assumptions from labeling theory…

The psychopathy of a Victorian serial killer: integrating micro and macro levels of analysis

David Wilson, Elizabeth Yardley

This paper aims to respond to a number of pleas for interdisciplinary – or integrative – approaches to psychology and criminology in exploring the value of simultaneously applying…


A profile of violent female offenders in secure psychiatric care

Rebecca Evans, Clive Hollin, Clive Long

This study aims to explore whether female psychiatric homicide offenders form a distinct group when compared to women who have committed other types of serious violent offences.


The role of criminal cognitions and personality traits in non‐violent recidivism: an empirical investigation within a prison sample

Ashling Bourke, Daniel Boduszek, Philip Hyland

The aim of the current study is to investigate criminal psycho‐social cognition, criminal associates and personality traits as predictors of non‐violent recidivism.

Forensic psychological public safety risk assessment integrated with culturally responsive treatment for juvenile fire setters: DSM‐5 implications

Ronn Johnson, Heidi Beckenbach, Samantha Kilbourne

This paper aims to present an overview of a variety of risk assessment issues that are of particular relevance for work with juvenile fire setters in clinical and forensic…

Reconceptualizing the notion of victim selection, risk, and offender behavior in healthcare serial murders

Christine K. Lubaszka, Phillip C. Shon

Beginning with the understanding that healthcare serial killers differ from traditional serial killers in terms of victim selection, risk and offender behavior, this paper…

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