Journal of Criminal Psychology: Volume 12 Issue 4


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Interest in physical danger: does it mediate the relationship between gender and violent offending?

Anthony W. Hoskin, Sarah Liftawi

The purpose of this study is to test the hypothesis that the relationship between gender and violent offending is mediated, in part, by an interest in participating in physically…

The cognitive interview: comparing face-to-face and video-mediated interviews

Ahmad Shahvaroughi, Hadi Bahrami Ehsan, Javad Hatami, Mohammad Ali Shahvaroughi, Rui M. Paulo

Eyewitness testimony can determine the outcome of criminal investigations. The cognitive interview (CI) has been widely used to collect informative and accurate accounts. However…

Looking at the moral judgments of offenders through new lenses

Georgia Zara, Sara Veggi, Francesco Ianì, Monica Bucciarelli

Studies on the moral judgment of offenders conducted within a neo-Kolhbergian framework found that offenders exhibit more primitive thinking about moral issues compared to…

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