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Community sentence with Mental Health Treatment Requirement (MHTR); an exploration into offenders’ experience of psychological therapy

Lauren Butler, Sue Ledwith

This study aims to explore service users’ experience of psychological therapy as part of a community sentence with a Mental Health Treatment Requirement (MHTR) in Birmingham…

How accurate and effective are screening tools and subsequent interventions for intimate partner violence in non-high-risk settings (IPV)? A rapid review

Parveen Ali, Peter Allmark, Andrew Booth, Julie McGarry, Helen B. Woods, Farah Seedat

The purpose of this paper is to estimate the accuracy and effectiveness of screening tools and subsequent interventions in the detection and treatment of intimate partner violence…

Our love was a two-person game. At least until one of us died, and the other became a murderer: sexual homicide perpetrated by intimate partners

Ewa Stefanska, Sinead Bloomfield, Adam Carter

The analysis of previous studies showed that research pertaining to the examination of the crime scene and Modus Operandi variables in intimate partner homicide (IPH) is scarce…

Revisiting the anger/sadistic typology of sexual homicide

April Miin Miin Chai, Evan McCuish, Eric Beauregard

The anger/sadistic model is one of several typologies proposed for sexual homicide events. This paper aims to empirically test this model by examining sexual homicide cases…

Exploring female involvement in acts of terrorism and mass shootings: a systematic review

Danielle Nicholson, Clare S. Allely

The purpose of this study is to explore the current literature which assesses the incidence of completed or attempted mass shooting events in which a female party acted either…

Federal sex offender registration and notification act (SORNA) offenders: sexual versatility, criminal careers and supervision outcomes

Alan J. Drury, Matt DeLisi, Michael Elbert

Sex offender registration and notification act (SORNA) offenders are a source of scholarly study across the social, behavioral, forensic and legal sciences with the bulk of…

The role of criminal expertise in serial sexual offending: a comparison to “novices”

Kylie S. Reale, Eric Beauregard, Julien Chopin

Serial offenders have been described as more forensically aware, better able to control their victim, and ultimately, more adept at eluding detection. Despite these assertions…

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