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The effect of socio-demographic variables and travel characteristics on motivation of Muslim family tourists in Malaysia

Yuhanis Abdul Aziz, Siti Rahayu Hussin, Hossein Nezakati, Raja Nerina Raja Yusof, Haslinda Hashim

This paper aims to investigate the socio-demographic variables that affect the motivation of Muslim tourists in Malaysia, and to examine the travel characteristics factors that…


Assessing and ranking HALMAS parks in Malaysia: An application of importance-performance analysis and AHP

Rafikul Islam, Fatima El Madkouri

This paper aims to measure the level of importance and satisfaction on a number of items in the day-to-day running of the halal parks in Malaysia and to rank a selected halal…

Consumers’ perception of usability of product packaging and impulse buying : Considering consumers’ mood and time pressure as moderating variables

Manijeh Bahrainizad, Azadeh Rajabi

This paper aims to investigate the impact of consumers’ perception of usability of product packaging on impulse buying in terms of its shape, color, material, label and size.


Public relation activities in Islamic banking industry: An approach of circuit of culture (COC) model

Mohamed Asmy Bin Mohd Thas Thaker, Hassanudin Bin Mohd Thas Thaker, Anwar Bin Allah Pitchay

This paper aims to examine the role of religion in influencing the public relations activity of Islamic banking institutions in Malaysia by adopting circuit of culture (COC) model…

The Hijabi self: authenticity and transformation in the Hijab fashion phenomenon

Noha El-Bassiouny

The purpose of this paper is to delve into the intricate relationships between hijab culture and consumption. The research questions whether the hijab consumption phenomenon is an…


What potentials does Islamic micro-credit have?: An empirical investigation in the Egyptian context

Raghda El Ebrashi, Rania Salem, Dina El Kayaly, Noha El-Bassiouny

This paper aims to investigate the role of demographics and sector type in determining consumer preferences of Islamic micro-credit products, namely, Musharka and Murabha, versus…

Islamic marketing paradoxes: a way to understand it again …

Ajayeb Abu Daabes

This paper aims to provide insights on Islamic marketing (IM) through discussing a number of controversial questions and paradoxes to understand deeply this new wave.

Mediating effect of Halal image on Muslim consumers’ intention to patronize retail stores: Some insights from Malaysia

Norazah Mohd Suki, Abang Sulaiman Abang Salleh

Muslim consumers’ tendency to patronize stores with Halal images and purchase genuine Halal products is closely related to their effort to maintain Islamic identity, and this is…


A comparative study of the historical and current development of the GCC insurance and takaful industry

Ahmad Alrazni Alshammari, Syed Musa Syed Jaafar Alhabshi, Buerhan Saiti

This paper aims to present a comparative examination of the historical and current profiles of the insurance and takaful industry in the Gulf region. Meanwhile, it will provide…

Buying decision in the marketing of Sharia life insurance (evidence from Indonesia)

Amron , Usman , Ali Mursid

The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of satisfaction (SAT) and trust (TRS) on word of mouth (WOM) and buying decision (BD) for Sharia life insurance in the Muslim…


Religious symbolism in Islamic financial service advertisements

Muhammad Mohsin Butt, Ernest Cyril de-Run, Ammen U-Din, Dilip Mutum

This paper aims to examine the impact of increasing the intensity of religious cues in financial service advertisements on target and non-target groups.

Muslim tourist perceived value: a study on Malaysia Halal tourism

Salmi Mohd Isa, Phaik Nie Chin, Nurul Ulfah Mohammad

This study aims to align the theoretical foundations of Halal tourism to conventional tourism paradigms. It investigates Muslim tourists’ perception of value in the context of…


The influence of coproduction’s factors and corporate image toward attitudinal loyalty: Islamic financial banking services delivery in Malaysia

Norzalita Abd Aziz

Islamic banking system has become mainstream with the increasing popularity and demand of its products and services, including that of non-Muslims and even among the Western…

Does gender differences play any role in intention to adopt Islamic mobile banking in Pakistan?: An empirical study

Muhammad Jamal Haider, Gao Changchun, Tayyaba Akram, Syed Talib Hussain

Tremendous growth and worldwide expansion of Islamic banking industry has gained widespread attention of economist, bankers, investors and financial experts regardless of economic…

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