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Antecedents and outcomes of memorable halal food experiences of non-Muslim tourists

Erose Sthapit, Peter Björk, Senthilkumaran Piramanayagam, Dafnis N. Coudounaris

This study aims to examine the underlying antecedents of memorable halal food experiences by considering how specific internal factors of non-Muslim tourists – novelty seeking…

Effect of destination competitiveness attributes on tourists’ intention to visit halal tourism destination in Indonesia

Yuliani Dwi Lestari, Faridatus Saidah, Aghnia Nadhira Aliya Putri

This paper aims to explore the effect of three destination competitiveness attributes: core resources and attractors, supporting factors and destination management on the tourist…


Promoting business zakah as a product of Islamic finance to fund social causes for well-being of the underprivileged: evidence from Bangladesh

Nazamul Hoque

This study aims to look into the scope of exploring and promoting business zakah for the enhancement of the well-being of the underprivileged in society.

Does religious knowledge level affect brand association and purchase intention of luxury cars? Case of the Lexus cars in Indonesia

Ririn Tri Ratnasari, Anniza Citra Prajasari, Salina Kassim

This study aims to analyze the role of religious knowledge level in influencing customers’ brand association and purchase intention of luxury cars by focusing on the Indonesian…


Traceability technology, halal logistics brand and logistics performance: religious beliefs and beyond

Yudi Fernando, Ika Sari Wahyuni-TD, Ahmed Zainul Abideen, Fineke Mergeresa

The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of Halal traceability technology usage on Halal logistics performance with a Halal logistics brand as a mediator.


Do young Muslim choose differently? Identifying consumer behavior in Halal industry

Mohamad Rahmawan Arifin, Bayu Sindhu Raharja, Arif Nugroho

With a substantial Muslim population in the world, Indonesia has economic potential in halal products’ consumption. However, as new products develop, halal products need a…


Optimized distribution of halal products using tabu search

Dwi Agustina Kurniawati, Asfin Handoko, Rajesh Piplani, Rianna Rosdiahti

This paper aims to optimize the halal product distribution by minimizing the transportation cost while ensuring halal integrity of the product. The problem is considered as a…

Understanding farmers’ decision-making to use Islamic finance through the lens of theory of planned behavior

Ali Abid, Shang Jie

This study aims to determine the non-economic factors that probably influence the Pakistani farmers to use Islamic finance for agricultural production. This paper analyzes the…

Qur’anic wisdom and the sustainability mind-set: deciphering the relationship

Noha El-Bassiouny, Yasmin Anwar Abdou, Dina El-Bassiouny, Ahmad Jamal, Jonathan Wilson

This paper aims to examine practical wisdom from the Islamic religion elaborating on how it pertains to the sustainability mind-set. The purpose is to assess whether the Islamic…

Religious affiliation and religiosity: do Islamic appeals in advertising lead to higher purchase intentions among Muslim consumers in Dubai?

Catherine Nickerson, Effrosyni Georgiadou, Anup Menon Nandialath

The purpose of this study was to investigate whether including an Islamic appeal in a culture-neutral product advertisement has a positive effect on consumer attitudes to the…

Is halal universal? The impact of self-expressive value on halal brand personality, brand tribalism, and loyalty: case of Islamic hospitals

Hendy Mustiko Aji, Istyakara Muslichah

The purpose of this study is to examine the antecedents and consequences of halal brand personality in the hospital industry by comparing Muslim and non-Muslim Islamic hospital…

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