International Journal of Event and Festival Management: Volume 12 Issue 2


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Antecedents and consequences of satisfaction among participants in health-affiliated charity sport events

Meungguk Park, Taeho Yoh, David J. Shonk

Understanding factors that enhance participants' satisfaction has become critical to developing effective donor retention strategies for charity sport events (CSEs). However…

Frequent music festival attendance: festival fandom and career development

Maarit Kinnunen, Antti Honkanen, Mervi Luonila

The purpose of the study is to compare features of career development and fandom in frequent festival attendance in the context of Finnish music festivals.


Identifying motivating factors among college students that influence repeat participation among special event volunteers: the moderating role of class standing

Eric Beckman, Tianyu Pan, Miranda Kitterlin, Lisa Cain

The purpose of this study is to identify the motivating factors that influence repeat participation among university student volunteers at a world-renowned food festival. The…

Outcomes of the sport event volunteer experience: examining demonstration effects on first-time and returning volunteers

Jordan T. Bakhsh, Erik L. Lachance, Ashley Thompson, Milena M. Parent

The purpose of this study is to examine if sport event volunteers were inspired by their event experience to volunteer in the future.

The event experiences of attendees with food allergies, intolerances and coeliac disease: risk loaded value-creation/destruction

Lina Weber, Peter Lugosi

For attendees with allergies, intolerances and coeliac disease, accessing safe, nutritious and good quality food and drink is a vital but challenging dimension of events. This…

The impact of new affective components on museum visitor retention: the context of major city event using SEM and CTree

Aleksei Gorgadze, Anastasia Sinitsyna, Julia Trabskaya, To'neill Bala

The main purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between ranges of affective components that have an impact on the revisit intention of museum visitors, in the…

Staging city events in public spaces: an urban design perspective

Andrew Smith, Goran Vodicka, Alba Colombo, Kristina N. Lindstrom, David McGillivray, Bernadette Quinn

There are two main aims of this conceptual paper. The first is to explore the issues associated with staging events in public spaces, and to produce a typology of different event…


Perceived organizational support on episodic volunteers' affective and behavioral outcomes: a case of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

Doyeon Won, Weisheng Chiu, Hyejin Bang, Gonzalo A. Bravo

The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of perceived organizational support (POS) on the relationships between volunteer job satisfaction, attitude toward…

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