International Journal of Structural Integrity: Volume 7 Issue 2


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Material modelling of tensile steel component under impulsive loading

Joao Ribeiro, Aldina Santiago, Constança Rigueiro

Characterization and modelling of the material properties, as well as the fracture simulation needed for the numerical analysis of bolted T-stub connection under impulsive…

A multi-mechanical nonlinear fibre beam-column model for corroded columns

Mehdi Kashani, Laura N Lowes, Adam J Crewe, Nicholas A Alexander

A new modelling technique is developed to model the nonlinear behaviour of corrosion damaged reinforced concrete (RC) bridge piers subject to cyclic loading. The model…

Failure by corrosion in PC bridges: a case history of a viaduct in Italy

Piero Colajanni, Antonino Recupero, Giuseppe Ricciardi, Nino Spinella

The paper illustrates a viaduct collapse due to corrosion phenomena. Moreover, a contribution to the issues related to both the control of existing structures and design…

Effect of corrosion degree on different steel ductility parameters, based on “Equivalent Steel” criterion

Esther Moreno, Alfonso Cobo, Maria Nieves Gonzalez

One of the meaningful effects of concrete reinforcement steel corrosion on concrete structures is the decrease of mechanical properties, specifically the ductility of…

Dynamic protection index factor of concrete substrate for anti carbonation coating protection systems subjected to accelerated environmental loading - part A: carbonation

Charis A Apostolopoulos, Chris Alexander Rodopoulos

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the effect of accelerated environmental loading, i.e. humidity, solar radiation, wet/dry cycling, CO2 concentration and…

Development of an experimental system to apply high rates of loading

Pedro Barata, Aldina Santiago, João P. C. Rodrigues, Constança Rigueiro

The purpose of this paper is to develop an experimental system to apply high rates of loading, in order to characterize the behaviour of bolted steel connections subjected…

Strength decay of RC sections for chloride attack

Stefania Imperatore, Angelo Leonardi, Zila Rinaldi

Corrosion of reinforcement, and mainly the one induced by chloride attack, is one of the leading causes of deterioration in reinforced concrete structures. Then, it is…

Nonlinear dynamic analysis and seismic fragility assessment of a corrosion damaged integral bridge

Mairéad Ni Choine, Mehdi Kashani, Laura N Lowes, Alan O'Connor, Adam J Crewe, Nicholas A Alexander, Jamie E Padgett

In this paper the impact of corrosion of reinforcing steel in RC columns on the seismic performance of a multi-span concrete integral bridge is explored. A new…

Fatigue strength assessment of ship structures accounting for a coating life and corrosion degradation

Yordan Garbatov

Fatigue strength and reliability assessment of complex double hull oil tanker structures, based on different local structural finite element approaches, is performed…

Corrosion of bare and embedded in concrete steel bar - impact on mechanical behavior

Alkiviadis Apostolopoulos, Theodore E Matikas

The purpose of this papaer is to study the effects of corrosion on bare and embedded in concrete steel bars and additionaly to study the impact on their mechanical behavior.

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