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Working consumers’ psychological states in firm-hosted virtual communities

Wei Wei Cheryl Leo, Cindy Yunhsin Chou, Tom Chen

Consumers’ self-interests and personal goals in attaining collective goals are rarely considered in firm-hosted virtual communities (FHVCs). Based on working consumers…

Smart service experience in hospitality and tourism services: A conceptualization and future research agenda

Sertan Kabadayi, Faizan Ali, Hyeyoon Choi, Herm Joosten, Can Lu

The purpose of this paper is to offer a discussion, definition and comprehensive conceptualization of the smart service experience, i.e. the way guests and customers in…

A framework for sustainable service system configuration: Exploring value paradoxes with examples from the hospitality industry

Allard C.R. Van Riel, Jie J. Zhang, Lee Phillip McGinnis, Mohammad G. Nejad, Milos Bujisic, Paul A. Phillips

While innovative service systems may create substantial value for certain stakeholders, they often destroy value for others. This value paradox frequently leads to…

Creating innovation that drives authenticity

Timothy Lee Keiningham, Zeya He, Bas Hillebrand, Jichul Jang, Courtney Suess, Laurie Wu

The purpose of this paper is to explore the relationship between innovation and authenticity by developing a conceptual framework that illuminates the key constructs.

Leveraging human touch in service interactions: lessons from hospitality

David Solnet, Mahesh Subramony, Robert C. Ford, Maria Golubovskaya, Hee Jung (Annette) Kang, Murat Hancer

With the ever-increasing adoption of technology and automation radically changing the nature of service delivery, the purpose of this paper is to explore the role of human…

Towards a shared understanding of the service experience – a hospitality stakeholder approach

Ceridwyn King, Enrique Murillo, Wei Wei, Juan Madera, Michael J. Tews, Aviad A. Israeli, Lu Kong

The purpose of this paper is to start a conversation on achieving a shared understanding among hospitality service co-creation participants. Adopting a stakeholder and…

Social innovation in service: a conceptual framework and research agenda

Lerzan Aksoy, Linda Alkire (née Nasr), Sunmee Choi, Peter Beomcheol Kim, Lu Zhang

The purpose of this paper is to provide a framework for guiding social innovation in service (SIS), defined as the creation of novel, scalable and sustainable market based…

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