Journal of Service Management: Volume 22 Issue 4


Table of contents - Sixth SERVSIG International Research Conference 2010, Porto, Portugal ‐ Special Issue

Guest Editors: Raymond P. Fisk, Lia Patrcio

Crowd‐funding: transforming customers into investors through innovative service platforms

Andrea Ordanini, Lucia Miceli, Marta Pizzetti, A. Parasuraman

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the emerging crowd‐funding phenomenon, that is a collective effort by consumers who network and pool their money together, usually…

An expanded servicescape perspective

Mark S. Rosenbaum, Carolyn Massiah

The purpose of this paper is to put forth an expanded servicescape framework that shows that a perceived servicescape comprises physical, social, socially symbolic, and…

Uncovering the desired qualities and behaviours of general practitioners (GPs) during medical (service recovery) encounters

Thorsten Gruber, Fabricio Frugone

The purpose of this paper is to uncover the desired qualities and behaviours that patients believe general practitioners (GPs) should have in medical (service recovery…

Strategy and structure configurations for services within product‐centric businesses

Chris Raddats, Jamie Burton

The purpose of this paper is to investigate how product‐centric businesses (PCBs), operating in a business‐to‐business environment, configure their organizations to align…

Does service‐dominant design result in a better service system?

Bo Edvardsson, Gloria Ng, Choo Zhi Min, Robert Firth, Ding Yi

Few empirical studies have been conducted to explore the mechanisms and drivers of service exchange and value co‐creation. In particular, no study has compared a service…

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