International Journal of Innovation Science: Volume 7 Issue 4


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Evaluating Mindset as a Means of Measuring Personal Innovativeness

Dennis A. Stauffer

This article describes the creation and testing of an Innovator Mindset instrument for assessing personal innovativeness, using an Innovativeness Index. Its design is based on the…

Introducing Innovation Phase Transition

Max Diamond Singh, Orestis Terzidis

Innovation diffusion points toward how innovations spread into the market after launch. This paper investigates diffusion dynamics at market entry time and proposes…

An Innovation Management System to Create Growth in Mature Industrial Technology Firms

Joan Badrinas, Joaquim Vilà

In business terms, the ultimate purpose of innovation is to generate profitable growth. However, in mature industrial technology segments, endeavours of innovation often result…

Innovation Evaluation: Past and Current Models and a Framework for Infrastructure Projects

Soroush Maghsoudi, Colin Duffield, David Wilson

Innovation is at the heart of today's competitive economy. The infrastructure industry of a nation plays a crucial role in its economic development and having understood…

Research on the Driving Factors of Customer Participation in Service Innovation in a Virtual Brand Community

Li Zhihong, Colin Duffield, David Wilson

With the development of the service sector and network communication technology, customers are involved in business activities through virtual communities and demonstrating the…

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