International Journal of Innovation Science: Volume 7 Issue 3


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Valuable Novelty: A Proposed General Theory of Innovation and Innovativeness

Dennis A. Stauffer

A general theory of innovation is proposed based on an analysis of the common characteristics and dynamics of two innovation archetypes, natural selection and the scientific…

A New Approach to Assess the Changing Growth Model of Open National Innovation Systems

Shu-Hao Chang, Carey Ming-Li Chen

The open innovation paradigm is an important topic of management thought in national innovation systems. Previous studies of open national innovation systems have almost always…

Intellectual Capital and Technological Innovation: The Mediating Role of Supply Chain Learning

Hui-Ying Zhang, Shuang Lv

This paper analyzes the influence of intellectual capital on firms’ technological innovation, and the intermediary effect of supply chain learning in the relationship between…

Analysis of Gender Differences for Women Entrepreneurs by SWOT Model

HongBo Li, Lan Ding

Though often considered “the weaker sex,” women have led entrepreneurship to a popular phenomenon. Given their unique characteristics, women face different situations and…


Comprehensive Evaluation of the Technology Innovation Capability of China’s High-tech Industries Based on Fuzzy Borda Combination Method

Yue Hong, Dongxiao Niu, Bowen Xiao, Lingnan Wu

Technology innovation capability is a main driver in improving a country’s industrial competitiveness. Development prospects and development speed are strongly dependent on…

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