International Journal of Innovation Science: Volume 7 Issue 1


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Communicating the Business Value of Innovation

Chen Ye, Sanjeev Jha, Kevin C. Desouza

Successful innovation depends upon effective communication of the business value of innovation. Yet different stages of the innovation process require different communication…


Exploiting Intellectual Capital for Economic Renewal

Helena Santos-Rodrigues, Praveen Gupta, Robert Carlson

This study proposes a model to analyze the relationship between leadership, intellectual capital (human, structural, and relational), and their contribution to economic renewal…

Green Marketing: A Grey-based Rough Set Theory Analysis of Activities

ZhiJun Xu, Xiaobing Liu, Chunguang Bai, Lijie Hu

As green marketing is a critical function of green supply chain management, it has generated a great deal of discussion in public discourse and academic research. Interestingly…

Evaluation of Factors Influencing Technological Innovations of Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigerian Industrial Estates

Babalola O. O., Amiolemen S. O., Adegbite S. A., Ojo-Emmanuel G.

Innovation is not just an individual act of learning by a firm or entrepreneur, but anchored within a larger system that enables and draws on the innovation process. Hence there…

Cultural Change Management

Harrington H. James, Voehl Frank

A lot of brilliant work has been done to develop methodologies and approaches to apply change management concepts to managing the development and implementation of projects and…

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