International Journal of Innovation Science: Volume 6 Issue 2


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The Innovation Funnel Fallacy

Kari Hakkarainen, Tapani Talonen

The traditional innovation process - consisting of a funnel coupled with project screening - suffers from several practical shortcomings and flaws. Overemphasis on the role of…


The Science of Social Impact Innovation: How to Deliver More Impact through Innovative Business Models

Salvael Ortega, Nathan Furr, Erin Liman, Caleb Flint

Rather than spend an inordinate amount of time and resources on planning what is inherently unknown and uncertain, socially-focused organizations like Panera Cares, Banco…

Innovations in Knowledge Management: Applying Modular Design

Fang-wei Zhu, Xiu-xia Sun, Janis Miller, Zhi-jun Deng

This article presents an advanced method for managing knowledge using a modular design approach and applied the approach through an example with computer manufacturing. The…

Innovation in Construction: A Critical Review and Future Research

Xiaolong Xue, Ruixue Zhang, Rebecca Yang, Jason Dai

The construction industry has been recognized for its conservatism and lack of innovation. In order to improve the success rate of construction innovation, the implementation of…

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