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Construction Innovation: Addressing the Project-Product Gap in the Swedish Construction Sector

Jonas Rundquist, Stephen Emmitt, Fawzi Halila, Bengt Hjort, Bengt Larsson

The construction sector is often accused of being inefficient, conservative and non-innovative, although some commentators have suggested that the construction sector is not…

The Contested Cluster Concept: Paradoxical Pathways to Nordic Innovations

Malin Lindberg, Line Säll

The cluster concept has had great influence on national and regional policies for growth and innovation in Sweden since it was introduced in the late 1990s. This article argues…

Commercializing Work Life Balance Outlining a Model for Analyzing and Promoting Social Science Innovation

Cecilia Nahnfeldt, Malin Lindberg

Innovations have hitherto mostly been acknowledged in terms of new technical products in both theories and policies on innovation. The public support to the transformation of…

How Phases of Cluster Development are Associated with Innovation - the Case of China

William Fri, Tobias Pehrsson, Klaus Søilen

Both Volvo and SAAB are now Chinese owned car companies. This means that a substantial amount of Swedish innovation takes place in China. In order to understand this phenomenon…

A Teaching Case Study: Innovation, Product Development, and Organizational Transformation at the Sunnic Group

Sheng-Yen Chang, Hsi-Peng Lu, Chiung-Ju Liang

The following teaching case study details an exciting and modern case of an integrated circuit distribution company in Taiwan (the Sunnic Group) as it transitions through several…

Innovation Management: Part 2 A Breakthrough Approach to Organizational Excellence: Profiles of Successful Innovators

James Harrington, Frank Voehl

In part one of this article on innovation management we address the theory and practices related to managing innovation within an organization. Probably the best way to…

Examining University-Industry Collaboration as a Source of Innovation in the Emerging Economy of Turkey

Serdal Temel, Brian Glassman

Companies in developed countries have clearly benefited from university-industry collaborations but emerging nations around the world have a different series of challenges and…

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