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Innovation in UK companies. An Evaluation of the Implementation of Best Practice in Front End Innovation Processes and Methodologies

Patrick Trotter, Jason Vaughan

With the global economy facing its toughest test in over 60 years never has it been so important for companies, large and small, to innovate and grow. Whilst few business leaders…

How Entrepreneurs Think: Why Effectuation and Effectual Logic May be the Key to Successful Enterprise Entrepreneurship

Thomas Duening, Morgan Shepherd, Andrew Czaplewski

Recent research into effectuation and effectual logic show that entrepreneurs think and make decisions dramatically different than typical enterprise managers. One of the major…


Supply Chain Innovation is a Key to Superior Firm Performance an Insight from Indian Cement Manufacturing

Rameshwar Dubey, Tripti Singh, Saurabh Tiwari

The following statistical study shows the results of an investigation of supply chain innovation practices of Indian Cement Manufacturers, which are a significantly large and…

Innovation Management: Part 1 A Breakthrough Approach to Organizational Excellence

James Harrington, Frank Voehl

There is an ongoing need to explore opportunities and build a healthy and prosperous future, create new revenue streams and wealth, discover new solutions, and transform our…

A Novel Innovation Management Process: For Applications in Fields such as Food Innovation

Dimitris Skalkos

The sustained competitive advantage of a company today requires the management of internal and external knowledge and leveraging it to create innovation. The 21st century is…

Innovation Trajectories within the Support of Decisions: Insights about S-Curve and Dominant Design Models

Yuri Borgianni, Federico Rotini

The research about the patterns of technology evolution is populated by descriptive models, explaining quite regular trends of product development processes. The most popular…

Conference Review: Can You Learn Innovation & New Product Development by Attending a Conference?

Brian Glassman

This is not an advertisement for a conference; it is serious analysis and critique of a new product development and innovation conference from a learning perspective to determine…

The Size and Shape of "Idea Space" Figure 1 & 2 updated

Robin Spencer

Due to a misprint Figure 1 & 2 were incorrectly displayed in the original manuscript published in volume 4 issue 2; the following presents the corrected figures.

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