International Journal of Innovation Science: Volume 4 Issue 2


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Technology Confidence in Early Stage Development of Medical Devices

Jonathan Johnson, James Moultrie

Innovation is a critical factor in ensuring commercial success within the area of medical technology. Biotechnology and Healthcare developments require huge financial and resource…

The Size and Shape of "Idea Space"

Robin Spencer

In a large idea management system it is very useful to have a general purpose "ideas like this" capability. Such a tool can be used to define a distance between two ideas, and…

Conversations with the Marketplace: An application of Design Thinking and Sociodrama Action Methods in an Innovation Workshop

Gail Wyman, Valerie Holland, Simeon Yates

This paper describes the use of sociodrama action methods within a design thinking workshop created to support marketing planning for a new product innovation. Participants were a…

An Investigation of Centers for Innovation

Kenneth Kahn, Jaycee Dempsey

The center for innovation model is a growing and prominent phenomenon across corporate, government, nonprofit, and university contexts. Based on the name, one would infer an aim…

A Comparative Study of Entrepreneurs' Attitudes to Failure in Technology Ventures

Keith Cotterill

Entrepreneurs develop new technology ventures in uncertain conditions with unproven technologies and limited resources. The majority of such ventures fail. Examining…

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