International Journal of Innovation Science: Volume 3 Issue 1


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Innovative EcoCloud™ Helps Silicon Valley Companies Adopt Sustainable Practices

Eric Rosenblum, Martina Davis, Marianna Grossman, Drew Clark, Jim Davis, Jeff Risberg

South Bay Water Recycling (SBWR) is a regional recycled water distribution system serving industrial and commercial customers in the area of northern California (USA) known as…

An Innovative Trading Approach for Mercury Waste Management

Yogendra Shastri, Urmila Diwekar, Sanjay Mehrotra

This work proposes an innovative approach of watershed level mercury trading for sustainable management of mercury pollution. An optimization based decision-making framework has…

Sustainable Bird Based Tourism in India's Remote North-East Frontier

Dhananjai Mohan, Ramana Athreya

Arunachal Pradesh is the most biodiverse Indian state situated in its north-east with the second highest breeding bird diversity in the world. Despite this, the area did not exist…

U.S. Cities Get Serious About Sustainability

Steve Attinger

In a time of global climate change, thousands of cities across the United States are taking action to become more sustainable by forging alliances, collaborating on innovative…

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