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Literature on technological capability: past, present and future

Jorge Tello-Gamarra, Mônica Fitz-Oliveira

The purpose of this paper is to identify the main theoretical bases from the past and the present, as well as to determine the future perspectives for technological capability…

Dual innovation: the road to sustainable development of enterprises

Jie Zhao

This paper aims to provide policy suggestions for enterprises to carry out dual innovation.

Measuring innovation effectiveness: a SEM-based cross-lagged analysis

Tahseen Anwer Arshi, Venkoba Rao, Sumithra Viswanath, Vazeerjan Begum

The study aims to develop measures for innovation effectiveness impacting organizational performance outcomes. Substantial evidence suggests that measuring innovation…

The moderating effect of environmental turbulence on the relationship between innovation capability and business performance

Samuel Gyedu, Heng Tang, Albert Henry Ntarmah, Emmanuel Kwaku Manu

This study has dealt with the gap in the literature, by probing the influence of innovation capability on business performance. This paper aims to test the moderation role of…


Exploring business model innovation for competitive advantage: a lesson from an emerging market

Natasha Saqib, Mir Shahid Satar

Emerging markets are witnessing rapid changes in their economy owing to the ongoing liberalization and globalization. India, as one of the emerging markets in south Asia, is also…


Long-term focus and attitude toward entrepreneurial behaviors: the moderating effect of industry-clockspeed

Nischal Thapa, Puspa Shah

This study aims to identify and examine the antecedents of attitude toward entrepreneurial behaviors (ATEB) of firms. Additionally, this study also identifies and examines the…

Blockchain: a strategic resource to attain and sustain competitive advantage

Nikhil Kant

This paper aims to offer exploratory remarks by discussing whether blockchain can help organizations attain sustained competitive advantage in view of its increased applications…


The required specifications of a fourth-generation university to shape innovation district under anchor approach: a meta-synthesis analysis using text mining

Amir Asgari, Ali Khorsandi Taskoh, Saeed Ghiasi Nodooshan

This paper aims to introduce a conceptual model for the shaping of the innovation district under the anchor approach by extracting the specifications of the fourth-generation…

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