International Journal of Innovation Science: Volume 12 Issue 3


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The critical role of effective organizational learning to improve firm’s innovation and performance in a market turbulence condition

Emiliana Sri Pudjiarti, Prihatin Tiyanto Priagung Hutomo

The purpose of this study is to identify the effects of market turbulence as a moderating construct in relation to effective organizational learning on the company’s innovation…

Dynamic capabilities, innovation and branding capabilities and their impact on competitive advantage and SME's performance in Portugal: the moderating effects of entrepreneurial orientation

Jorge Ferreira, Arnaldo Coelho

The purpose of this paper is to understand the impact of dynamic capabilities (DC) (in the view of exploration and exploitation) on competitiveness and performance, considering…


Innovative human resource management: measurement, determinants and outcomes

Ferry Koster, Luc Benda

External factors such as global competition and new technologies, require organizations to be innovative. Such organizational innovations also ask for innovative human resource…


A novel systematic product ideation model using technology trends

Muhammad Ahmad Tauqeer, Knut Erik Bang

This study aims to present a novel approach of using technology trends to trigger product ideas. It is primarily addressed to product ideation where limited applied approaches are…

Cultural diversity drives innovation: empowering teams for success

Graham Jones, Bernardita Chirino Chace, Justin Wright

Though there is broad agreement on the beneficial impact of diversity in management and leadership roles, much of the innovative capacity of an organization is realized at the…


Determinants of innovation performance of organizations in a regional innovation system from a developing country

Ana Maria Ortega, Maribel Serna

Variables affecting the innovation performance (IP) in regional innovation systems (RIS) have been widely studied in developed countries, while little information exists for the…

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