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The illusion of technique: sustained enterprise innovation as an aspirational problem

Thomas Duening

This paper is based on insights from philosophy of science, centered in Gilbert Ryle’s notion of “category mistakes”. A category mistake occurs in a science when scholars have…

Digital technology, digital capability and organizational performance: A mediating role of digital innovation

Sabai Khin, Theresa CF Ho

Despite the growing importance of digital innovation conceptualized as innovative digital solutions that enable digital transformation of businesses across industries, empirical…


Relationships among individual-level correlates of innovation

Sergey Yagolkovskiy

This paper aims to investigate relationships among correlates of individual innovative activity: creativity, innovativeness, novelty seeking and intelligence.

A historical review and bibliometric analysis of disruptive innovation

Tiantian Shang, Xiaoming Miao, Waheed Abdul

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate visually the knowledge structure and evolution of disruptive innovation. The paper used CiteSpace III to analyze 1,570 disruptive…


Association between technological innovation and firm performance in small and medium-sized enterprises: The moderating effect of environmental factors

Dja Shin Wang

In developing countries, numerous small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) must innovate because of their scarce resources. This study aims to address the ambidextrous…

Impact of genomics on biopharmaceutical industry: rare diseases as disruptive innovation

Mark J. Ahn, Amir Shaygan, Charles Weber

Using a dynamic capabilities lens, this paper aims to study the impact of genomics generally and gene therapy specifically on the rare disease sector of the biopharmaceutical…

Innovation talent as a predictor of business growth

Suzan E. Briganti, Alain Samson

The purpose of this paper is to explore whether innovation talent is predictive of business results. This question is important because companies exist to generate business…

How can the ISO 9000 QMS improve the organizational innovation of supply chains?

Yuwen Shi, Wei Lin, Ping-Kuo Chen, Chun-Hsien Su

Studies have not investigated how the International Standards Organization (ISO) 9000 quality management system (QMS) guides manufacturers’ and their partners’ creative processes…

Development and validation of a measurement scale of the innovative culture in work teams

Martín Solís, Ronald Mora-Esquivel

This study aims to develop and validate a scale to measure innovative culture in work teams of the public sector (ICT).

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