Ethnicity and Inequalities in Health and Social Care: Volume 2 Issue 1


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Prevention of suicide in ethnic minorities in the UK

Nusrat Husain, Nasim Chaudhry, Mohammed Husain, Waquas Waheed

Background: suicide prevention is a priority for health services in England. A high rate of suicide in South Asian women and a dramatic rise in young Afro‐Caribbean's has been…

Discrimination, ethnicity and psychosis — a qualitative study

Apu Chakraborty, Kwame McKenzie, Michael King

Background: the increased incidence of psychosis in African‐Caribbeans in the UK compared to the white British population has been frequently reported. The cause for this is…

Real world analysis the partner of prevention in mental health

Norma Johnson

This paper provides a critical review of prevention methods in mental health. Information from existing literature, ideologies, theories and clinical practice will be utilised to…

Improving social care services for black and minority ethnic people: findings from the Commission for Social Care Inspection

Lucy Wilkinson

Previous literature about race equality in social care has identified specific examples of good practice, but also a lack of widespread action by services to address both race…

Irish travellers and drug use — an exploratory study

Marie Van Hout

The challenge for drug and health promotion services is to keep up‐to‐date with the dynamics of drug use patterns and trends both nationally and within certain groups (Kilpatrick…



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