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Table of contents - Special Issue: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptations in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions

Guest Editors: Zhihua Zhang, Qiang Zhang, Muhammad Jawed Iqbal

Adaptation strategies by paddy-growing farmers to mitigate the climate crisis in Hyderabad-Karnataka region of Karnataka state, India

Shanabhoga M.B., Krishnamurthy Bommaiah, Suresha S.V., Shivani Dechamma

The purpose of this paper is to consider the climatic variables and evaluate the role of non-climatic factors that delicately influence agriculture. This study has come across…


Are smallholder farmers’ perceptions of climate variability supported by climatological evidence? Case study of a semi-arid region in South Africa

Maropene Tebello Rapholo, Lawrence Diko Makia

Literature contends that not much is known about smallholder farmers’ perceptions of climate variability and the impacts thereof on agricultural practices in Sub-Saharan Africa…


Climate change impacts on water resources in a rural community in Limpopo province, South Africa: a community-based adaptation to water insecurity

Sejabaledi Agnes Rankoana

The study explored the impacts of climate change on water resources, and the community-based adaptation practices adopted to ensure water security in a rural community in Limpopo…


The effects of farmers’ adoption behavior of soil and water conservation measures on agricultural output

Xiaohui Huang, Qian Lu, Fei Yang

This paper aims to build a theoretical model of the impact of farmers’ adoption behavior of soil and water conservation measures on the agricultural output to analyze the impact…


Research on grassland ecosystem service value in China under climate change based on meta-analysis: a case study of Qinghai province

Binyue Kang, Qiuyu Shao, Hengkang Xu, Fengyan Jiang, Xiaoting Wei, Xinqing Shao

Grassland in Qinghai as the main type of ecosystem in this region is located in arid and semi-arid areas. The ecosystem is fragile and sensitive to climate change. Grassland…


Extreme rainfall trends over the Mekong Delta under the impacts of climate change

Seung Kyu LEE, Truong An Dang

This study aims to investigate aspects related to the changing trends of the rainfall extremes in the entire Mekong Delta in the period of 32 years (1984-2015) applying rainfall…


The Long-Term Trend Analysis and Scenario Simulation of the Carbon Price Based on the Energy-Economic Regulation

Zhao-Peng Li, Li Yang, Si-Rui Li, Xiaoling Yuan

China’s national carbon market will be officially launched in 2020, when it will become the world’s largest carbon market. However, China’s carbon market is faced with various…


Estimation of greenhouse gas emissions from three livestock production systems in Ethiopia

Amanuel Berhe, Solomon Abera Bariagabre, Mulubrhan Balehegn

Different livestock production systems contribute to globally Greenhouse gas emission (GHG) emission differently. The aim of this paper is to understand variation in emission in…


CO2 emissions, agricultural productivity and welfare in Ethiopia

Zerayehu Sime Eshete, Dawit Woubishet Mulatu, Tsegaye Ginbo Gatiso

Climate change has become one of the most important development challenges worldwide. It affects various sectors, with agriculture the most vulnerable. In Ethiopia, climate change…


Simulating rainfall IDF curve for flood warnings in the Ca Mau coastal area under the impacts of climate change

Truong An Dang

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the rainfall intensities and their limits for durations from 0.25 to 8 h with return periods from 2 to 100 years for Ca Mau City in…


Research on the influence of product differentiation and emission reduction policy on CO2 emissions of China’s iron and steel industry

Ye Duan, Zenglin Han, Hailin Mu

There are certain differences in the production products of enterprises. What are the impacts of product differentiation on the iron and steel industry? Based on the macro…


A review of carbon trading based on an evolutionary perspective

Neng Shen, Yuqing Zhao, Rumeng Deng

This paper aims to review the literature on carbon trading from the perspective of evolution, finds out the evolution path of these literatures and gives out the future research…


Nitrogen deposition regulates the clonal growth of Leymus chinensis, a typical clonal plant in arid and semi-arid regions

Li Liu, ChengYang Zhou, Xiao Pei, LiZhu Guo, JiaHuan Li, RuiXin Wu, Ding Huang

The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of nitrogen (N) deposition on clonal growth in a rhizome clonal plant, Leymus chinensis (Trin.) Tzvel.

Assessing the impact of climate change on agriculture in Quang Nam Province, Viet Nam using modeling approach

Huong Thi Lan Huynh, Lieu Nguyen Thi, Nguyen Dinh Hoang

This study aims to evaluate the impact of climate change on some specific areas of agricultural production in Quang Nam Province, including assessing the possibility of losing…

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