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Challenge or opportunity of climate financial fragmentation: Evidence from China-initiated cooperation with emerging multilateral institutions

Chao Liang, Bai Liu

This study aims to investigate the environmental effects of climate financial fragmentation in the form of emerging multilateral institutions.


Sectoral carbon linkages of Indian economy based on hypothetical extraction model

Muhammad Jawad Sajid, Qingren Cao, Ming Cao, Shuang Li

Presentation of the different industrial carbon linkages of India. The purpose of this paper is to understand the direct and indirect impact of these industrial linkages.


Solar energy policy to boost Brazilian power sector

Juliana Pacheco Barbosa, Joisa Dutra Saraiva, Julia Seixas

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the opportunity for the energy policy in Brazil to tackle the very high cost-effectiveness potencial of solar energy to the power system…


Measurement and convergence of carbon productivity across Shanghai’s manufacturing sectors

Runong Xu, Yuming Wu, Yao Huang

Increasing carbon productivity is an effective way to reduce carbon emissions, while boosting economic prosperity. For appropriate formulating and enforcement of energy saving and…


The social representations of climate change: comparison of two territories exposed to the coastal flooding risk

Constance Mambet Doue, Oscar Navarro Carrascal, Diego Restrepo, Nathalie Krien, Delphine Rommel, Colin Lemee, Marie Coquet, Denis Mercier, Ghozlane Fleury-Bahi

Based on social representation theory, this study aims to evaluate and analyze the similarities and differences between social representations of climate change held by people…

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