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The effect of climate information in pastoralists’ adaptation to climate change: A case study of Rwenzori region, Western Uganda

Michael Nkuba, Raban Chanda, Gagoitseope Mmopelwa, Edward Kato, Margaret Najjingo Mangheni, David Lesolle

This paper aims to investigate the effect of using indigenous forecasts (IFs) and scientific forecasts (SFs) on pastoralists’ adaptation methods in Rwenzori region, Western Uganda.


Soil moisture regimes in Mexico in a global 1.5°C warming scenario

Jesus David Gomez Diaz, Alejandro I. Monterroso, Patricia Ruiz, Lizeth M. Lechuga, Ana Cecilia Conde Álvarez, Carlos Asensio

This study aims to present the climate change effect on soil moisture regimes in Mexico in a global 1.5°C warming scenario.


Responses of the Yellow River basin vegetation: climate change

Yang Li, Zhixiang Xie, Yaochen Qin, Zhicheng Zheng

This paper aims to study the temporal and spatial variation of vegetation and the influence of climate change on vegetation coverage in the Yellow River basin, China. The current…


Solar smart grid as a path to economic inclusion and adaptation to climate change in the Brazilian Semiarid Northeast

Paulo Nobre, Enio Bueno Pereira, Francinete Francis Lacerda, Marcel Bursztyn, Eduardo Amaral Haddad, Debora Ley

This study aims to exploit the abundance of solar energy resources for socioeconomic development in the semi -arid Northeastern Brazil as a potent adaptation tool to global…


The effect of climate change adaptation strategy on farm households welfare in the Nile basin of Ethiopia: Is there synergy or trade-offs?

Fissha Asmare, Hailemariam Teklewold, Alemu Mekonnen

This study aims to examine the effect of crop diversification (CD), as a climate change adaptation strategy, on farm household’s welfare in terms of farm income and demand for…


Regional legislation to address climate change in China: necessity and feasibility

Jianwei Zhang, Xiaoyi Jiang, Xiaobin Pan

Legislation plays an essential role in addressing climate change in China. However, many barriers to formulating national legislation to address climate change have so far…


Perceptions of climate change and water availability in the Mediterranean tourist sector: A case study of the Muga River basin (Girona, Spain)

Maria Torres-Bagur, Anna Ribas Palom, Josep Vila-Subirós

The purpose of this paper is understand these perceptions and identify main problems associated to climate change in order to design effective mitigation and adaptation strategies…


Productivity and production risk effects of adopting drought-tolerant maize varieties in Zambia

Emily Amondo, Franklin Simtowe, Dil Bahadur Rahut, Olaf Erenstein

Productivity and production risks affect the use of agricultural production practices and inputs, particularly in developing countries. This paper aims to investigate the effects…


Households’ perception of flood risk and health impact of exposure to flooding in flood-prone informal settlements in the coastal city of Mombasa

Fredrick Okoth Okaka, Beneah D.O. Odhiambo

Mombasa City in Kenya is one of the most vulnerable towns to flood risk due to its low-lying coastal location. Those at the highest risk in the city are households living in the…

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