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Robustness of geography as an instrument to assess impact of climate change on agriculture

Muhammad Iftikhar Ul Husnain, Arjunan Subramanian, Azad Haider

The empirical literature on climate change and agriculture does not adequately address the issue of potential endogeneity between climatic variables and agriculture, which makes…


Using geostatistical techniques to map adaptive capacities of resource-poor communities to climate change: A case study of Nkonkobe Local Municipality, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

Martin Munashe Chari, Hamisai Hamandawana, Leocadia Zhou

This paper aims to present a case study-based approach to identify resource-poor communities with limited abilities to cope with the adverse effects of climate change. The study…


A Ricardian valuation of the impact of climate change on Nigerian cocoa production: Insight for adaptation policy

William M. Fonta, Abbi M. Kedir, Aymar Y. Bossa, Karen M. Greenough, Bamba M. Sylla, Elias T. Ayuk

The purpose of this study is to examine the relative importance of climate normals (average long-term temperature and precipitation) in explaining net farm revenue per hectare…


Rural residents’ understanding and willingness to pay higher prices for mitigation against global warming in China

Genying Chang

Studies addressing rural residents’ understanding of global warming and their willingness to pay higher prices to mitigate it are very limited. The purpose of this study is to…


Climate change and farm-level adaptation: the Brazilian Sertão

Alexandre Gori Maia, Daniele Cesano, Bruno Cesar Brito Miyamoto, Gabriela Santos Eusebio, Patricia Andrade de Oliveira Silva

The Sertão, located in the Northeastern region of Brazil, is the most populous semi-arid region in the world. The region also faces the highest rates of poverty, food insecurity…


Climate change and variability: a review of what is known and ought to be known for Uganda

Francis Wasswa Nsubuga, Hannes Rautenbach

In view of the consensus that climate change is happening, scientists have documented several findings about Uganda’s recent climate, as well as its variability and change. The…


Identification of climate policy knowledge needs: a stakeholders consultation approach

Charikleia Karakosta, Alexandros Flamos, Aikaterini Forouli

The purpose of this paper is to identify knowledge gaps on insinuations of possible directions of European Union (EU) and international climate policies.


Current state and perspective of water management policy in terms of climate change: Case study of the Velika Morava River

Sanja Stojkovic Zlatanovic, Milan Stojkovic, Mihailo Mitkovic

The purpose of this paper is to set out the policy guidelines and recommendations to harmonise the Serbian water legislation with European Union standards in the area of water…


Urban carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) accounting based on the GPC framework: A case of the underdeveloped city of Nanchang, China

Junsong Jia, Zhihai Gong, Chundi Chen, Huiyong Jian, Dongming Xie

This paper aims to provide a typical example of accounting for the carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) in underdeveloped cities, especially for the Poyang Lake area in China. The…

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