International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship


Enterprise and Innovation

Table Of Contents: Volume 2 Issue 1 - Special Issue: Institutional perspectives on gender and entrepreneurship

Moving forward: institutional perspectives on gender and entrepreneurship

Helene Ahl, Teresa Nelson

The purpose of this paper is to propose a re‐directed and purposeful attention to the design of research on gender and entrepreneurship moving forward.

The paradox of gender equality: an entrepreneurial case study from Sweden

Kristina A. Bourne

Informed by socialist feminist theory, the purpose of this paper is to understand the impact of societal factors such as governmental policies, labor market structure…

Masculinity, doxa and the institutionalisation of entrepreneurial identity in the novel Cityboy

Robert Smith

As a result of a plethora of scholarly articles by feminist scholars of entrepreneurship, it is now widely accepted that the notion of entrepreneurship is ideologically…

Masculinisation of the public sector

Elisabeth Sundin, Malin Tillmar

The paper aims to explore the consequences of new public management (NPM) inspired reforms in general and outsourcing of traditional public sector responsibilities in…

Social constructionism and personal constructivism

Fiona Wilson, Stephen Tagg

While the entrepreneurship and small business research literature has tended to portray women as lesser than men in identifying the differences between them, little…

Research on entrepreneur networks

Lene Foss

The paper aims to clarify how a gendered analysis of entrepreneurial networks may benefit by the use of a constructionist (post‐structuralist) perspective.



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