Journal of Chinese Entrepreneurship: Volume 5 Issue 3


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Regional innovation and performance: The role of absorptive capacity, industrial structure and collaborative networks in the Chinese provinces of Hubei and Hunan

Martha Prevezer, Jian Li, Pietro Panzarasa

This paper aims to draw on a number of indicators of innovation to evaluate and compare two central regions – Hubei and Hunan – with three leading regions of China – Beijing…


Cultural intelligence (CQ) and its role in advancing open innovation alliances (OIA) between China and the West

Richard Allan Collins, Anton Kriz

– This paper aims to propose a review of the current open innovation paradigm to include the effects of culture in the internationalized working environment.

The business value of IT applications in CHJ: a cognitive study

Yi Wang, Yuan Liu, Yeyuan Dai, Danming Lin

– The purpose of this paper is to elicit the rich implications of IT business value for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the perspective of IT leaders.

The international expansion of China's small- and medium-sized business: Status today and future outlook

Guillermo Cardoza, Gaston Fornes

The paper aims to critically analyse the relevant literature on the international expansion of China's small- and medium-sized enterprises with the aim of highlighting the main…

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