Journal of Chinese Entrepreneurship: Volume 1 Issue 1


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Operationalization of corporate entrepreneurship and its performance implications in China: An empirical study

Yonggui Wang, Xiao Zhang

It is intended in this paper to develop a reliable and valid measurement of corporate entrepreneurship (CE) and identify the key dimensions based on evidence of the largest…


Channel performance in China: a study of distribution centers in Fujian Province

Peter O'Neill, Annibal José Scavarda, Zhenhua Yang

This research seeks to undertake a comparative study of Chinese distribution centers (DCs) with UK DCs in order to explore the relationship between the supply chain, logistics and…

Acquisition of resources, formal organization and entrepreneurial orientation of new ventures

Niu Fang, Zhang Yuli, Xue Hongzhi

The purpose of this paper is to assess the impact of the acquisition of resources and formal organization on entrepreneurial orientation (EO) of new ventures.


Entrepreneurship and strategy in China: why “Porter's five forces” may not be

Wei Wang, Peter P. Chang

Challenging the suitability of “Porter's five forces” as a guide to strategy and entrepreneurship in China and in the global age at large, this paper aims to present a new “five…


The Cashmere Collection: launching a new brand

William S. Lightfoot, Corine Cohen

The purpose of this paper is to provoke further research and analysis into what it takes to successfully start and grow a new global venture, which sources a product in China, and…

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