Journal of Historical Research in Marketing: Volume 9 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Autobiographical reflections of scholarly pioneers: Part II

Guest Editors: Mark Tadajewski

Autobiographical reflections part II: risk, tenacity and philosophies of research

Mark Tadajewski, Brian Jones

This paper reviews autobiographical accounts of thought leadership in the marketing discipline and draws out pertinent insights for senior, mid-career and junior academics alike.


My search for meaning in marketing

Roger Layton

This paper is focused on my search over nearly 60 years for an understanding of marketing – not just as a management technology, but as a social discipline which gives meaning and…

Ruth N. Bolton: Autobiographical reflections

Ruth N. Bolton

My goal is to describe my life in marketing over more than 36 years and to help readers better understand (from my personal perspective) the history of marketing. I also aim to…

Valarie Zeithaml: autobiographical reflections

Valarie A. Zeithaml

By examining my personal development and career trajectory, I hope to share some insights into life as an academic. My particular path has contained, as most paths do, twists and…

Christian Grönroos: I did it my way

Christian Grönroos

The purpose of this paper is to record the author’s personal reflections on his career as a marketing scholar.


Research in the gap between the obvious and the improbable

Robin Wensley

In considering my academic history as a professor both in marketing and management, I hope to demonstrate that it is possible to research challenging and interesting topics in a…

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