Journal of Historical Research in Marketing: Volume 4 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Evolution of key terms in marketing

Guest Editors: Ben Wooliscroft

The evolution of resource‐advantage theory: Six events, six realizations, six contributions

Shelby D. Hunt

The purpose of this paper is to provide a personal retrospective on six of the key events/experiences that influenced the development of the structure, foundational premises, and…


Marketing strategy: From the origin of the concept to the development of a conceptual framework

Eric H. Shaw

The purpose of this paper is to organize the semantics jungle of marketing strategy approaches, terms and concepts into a logically coherent framework using the history of…


The historical development of segmentation: the example of the German book trade 1800‐1928

Ronald A. Fullerton

Using the German book trade as a case example, the aim of the paper is to show how the evolution of segmentation began with increasingly sophisticated marketing practice long…


The life cycle concept in marketing research

Martina Bauer, Katharina J. Auer‐Srnka

This research seeks to provide a historical review of the life cycle concept in marketing. The paper aims to show the development of traditional life cycle models and links to the…


Marketing education and acculturation in the early twentieth century: Evidence from Polish language texts on selling and salesmanship

Terrence H. Witkowski

This article seeks to bring two hitherto neglected Polish language texts on selling and salesmanship to the attention of marketing historians. In contrast to Bartels' seminal…

From label to trademark: The legal origins of the concept of brand identity in nineteenth century America

Ross D. Petty

This research aims to examine a number of legal sources for evidence that US marketers were interested in protecting their brand identities in the 1800s.


The evolution of conspicuous consumption

Georgios Patsiaouras, James A. Fitchett

Conspicuous consumption refers to the competitive and extravagant consumption practices and leisure activities that aim to indicate membership to a superior social class. Studies…


The evolution of consumer well‐being

Ethan Pancer, Jay Handelman

The purpose of this paper is to explore the historical origins of consumer well‐being as well as the factors that shaped its evolution.


Early schools of marketing thought and marketplace evolution

Thomas L. Powers

The marketplace evolution associated with the development of the electronic marketplace provides the marketing discipline with a unique opportunity to examine the value of its…

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