The Journal of Mental Health Training, Education and Practice: Volume 6 Issue 2

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Does mental illness have a place alongside social and recovery models of mental health in service users' lived experiences? Issues and implications for mental health education

Helen Barnes

Influential social and recovery models, de‐emphasising mental illness understandings, form key mandates for mental health education today. This paper, however, aims to question…


Achieving cultural competency in mental health training and practice

Miu Ha Kwong

The population of the USA consists of a culturally diverse mix of individuals, many of them recent immigrants, from a wide range of ethnic and racial groups. Given an increasing…


Post‐qualifying students' experiences of implementing skills acquired from a “hearing voices” module into routine clinical practice

Jim Chapman, Mervyn Morris

Previous research into psychosocial interventions courses has identified a problem with the uptake of newly acquired skills into routine practice. This paper seeks to analyse…


Assessing psychosocial work‐related stress across five European countries: implications for workforce development

Margaret Denny, John Wells, Jennifer Cunningham

The European Union's (EU) social and employment policy emphasizes that member states should develop workforce development policies that combat work‐related stress. Within the EU…


Embitterment among German academic and non‐academic nurses

Sandra van Eckert, Uta Gaidys, Colin R. Martin

Nursing staff display symptoms of psychological stress more frequently than members of other professions. The subjective experience of embitterment also takes on a greater…

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