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The Pandora's box of social integration mechanisms: Can they make it more difficult to realize absorptive capacity?

Craig E. Armstrong, Cynthia A. Lengnick‐Hall

The purpose of this paper is to perform empirical tests to explore the influence of social integration mechanisms on organizations’ absorptive capacities theorized by Zahra and…

The social embeddedness of business model enactment: Implications for theory and practice

Bert Spector

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the intra‐firm dynamics of business model enactment, paying particular attention to the social context in which that enactment occurs.


Scanning the macro‐environment for liquid biofuels: A comparative analysis from public policies in Brazil, United States and Germany

Edson Talamini, Emiel F.M. Wubben, Antônio Domingos Padula, Homero Dewes

Macro‐environmental scanning is a first step in strategic planning, which is essential in an emerging industry such as liquid biofuels. The purpose of this paper is to identify…


Revisiting the concept of competitive advantage: Problems and fallacies arising from its conceptualization

Christos Sigalas, Victoria Pekka Economou

Although competitive advantage is the cornerstone concept in strategic management it still remains a poorly defined and operationalized construct. The purpose of this paper is to…


Behavioral strategy: a foundational view

James E. Schrager, Albert Madansky

The purpose of this paper is to apply the cognitive research of Herbert Simon to business strategy decisions, to begin a discussion of the emerging field of Behavioral Strategy.


Scanning for profitable (international) growth

Leo Sleuwaegen

The purpose of this paper is to develop a new method that allows corporate strategists to scan for profitable growth opportunities by extending the firm's product offering to new…

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