Journal of Strategy and Management: Volume 5 Issue 4


Table of contents - Special Issue: Strategy, management and the economics of the firm

Guest Editors: Caroline Hussler, Julien Pnin, Michael Dietrich, Thierry BurgerHelmchen

Strategic management and the economics of the firm: How to reconcile the brother enemies?

Caroline Hussler, Julien Pénin, Michael Dietrich, Thierry Burger‐Helmchen

The purpose of this paper is to argue for the need to reconcile managerial and economic approaches of the firm. Strategic management seems to be the perfect playground for this.


How to concretize dynamic capabilities? Theory and examples

Arto Kuuluvainen

Dynamic capabilities approach, having roots in evolutionary economics, has recently become popular also among strategic management researchers. However, the dynamic capabilities…


Promoting discourse analysis as a linguistic perspective to further explore strategic management issues: An illustrative case study

Pascal Koeberlé

The purpose of this paper is to promote discourse analysis as a valuable theoretical perspective to further examine how communication and other discursive practices may impact…


The new competitive advantage of automobile manufacturers

Eric Rugraff

The literature identifies different sources of competitive advantages. The purpose of this paper is to suggest that an efficient articulation of a Voice behavioral model and an…


Technological diversity management of medical device enterprises

Seiya Shimanuki, Tomoko Saiki

The purpose of this paper is to examine knowledge creation and technological diversity management by medical device manufacturers, to identify strategic directions for innovation…


Complementarities and coopetition in presence of intangible resources: Industrial economic and regulatory implications

Yuri Biondi, Pierpaolo Giannoccolo

The purpose of this paper is to develop a model of innovative industries which face coopetition: firms compete while committing at the same time to R&D joint ventures and other…

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