Journal of Strategy and Management: Volume 10 Issue 1


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Successful management of diverse corporate innovation communities

Angela Roth, Martin Dumbach, Barbara Schliffka, Kathrin M. Möslein

Increasing demographic diversity within societies and workforces causes challenges with regard to the innovation performance of companies. By definition, innovation communities…


Explicating the role of innovation intermediaries in the “unknown”: a contingency approach

Marine Agogué, Elsa Berthet, Tobias Fredberg, Pascal Le Masson, Blanche Segrestin, Martin Stoetzel, Martin Wiener, Anna Yström

Innovation intermediaries have become key actors in open innovation (OI) contexts. Research has improved the understanding of the managerial challenges inherent to intermediation…

Exploring the design elements of open evaluation

Jörg B.A. Haller, Vivek K. Velamuri, Dirk Schneckenberg, Kathrin M. Möslein

Firms increasingly integrate a wide range of actors in the early ideation and concept creation phases of innovation processes leading to the collection of a large number of ideas…

Governance of open innovation networks with national vs international scope

Thomas Clauss, Patrick Spieth

The realisation of joint innovation outcomes in open innovation networks is closely related to an efficient utilisation of governance mechanisms, which coordinate joint processes…

Do different generations look differently at high performance organizations?

André de Waal, Linde Peters, Merel Broekhuizen

Many researchers argue that the shared values of a generation affect people’s attitude, commitment, and ethics toward work. It is also argued that generational differences may…


Corporate controls, geographic dispersion, and their effect on corporate financial performance in related diversified corporations

Pouya Seifzadeh

Drawing on the literature on corporate diversification, the purpose of this paper is to shed light onto the influence of geographic dispersion on the effectiveness of control…


Importance of tacit knowledge in incremental innovation: Implications from drug discovery cases

Ryo Okuyama

The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of tacit knowledge in incremental innovation, which has hitherto been neglected.

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