Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes: Volume 15 Issue 4


Table of contents - Special Issue: What is the impact of luxury yachting on the well-being of consumers and relevant stakeholders?

Guest Editors: Tatiana Gladkikh, Hugues Séraphin

Introduction: what is the impact of luxury yachting on the well-being of consumers and relevant stakeholders?

Hugues Séraphin, Tatiana Gladkikh

This introductory paper aims to provide an overview of the significance of the theme issue.

Sailing the tide of over consumption: applying a business history approach to explore the rising demand of luxury yachts and travel since 1979

Duncan Philip Connors

The purpose of this paper is to identify how the socio-economic trends caused by the economic deregulation of the last four decades have led to a high-net-worth strata of…

Antecedents of yacht tourism participants’ satisfaction and word-of-mouth intention

Anestis Fotiadis, John Rice, Rund Hiyasat

As a contribution to current knowledge of luxury yachting, this study applies a theoretical discussion to explain how gratification, social motives, financial risk and status quo…

Luxury yacht spaces and their impact on the well-being of guests and crew

Tatiana Gladkikh, Victoria Gladkikh

The purpose of this practice-led article is to explore yachting tourism and its impact on visitors' well-being. This is specifically addressed through the lens of yacht spaces on…

A scoping review of luxury yachting and wellness: study trends and research prospects

Thirumaran K, Emiel L. Eijdenberg, Caroline Wong

This study aims to advance the scholarship of yachting in the context of wellness by exploring the following research question: in what ways is wellness created and experienced by…

The luxury yacht charter market and sustainable brand image: the case of Sunreef

Hugues Seraphin, Shem Wambugu Maingi

Drive, power and consciousness are the corner stones for the long-term sustainability of any industry. In the luxury yachting industry, the objective of this study is to evidence…

Connecting transformative luxury with individual and collective well-being: a conceptual approach

Hugues Séraphin, Anca C. Yallop, James Kennell

The tension between individual and collective well-being is at the core of the macromarketing perspective, and transformative luxury research (TLR) has recently begun to consider…

Luxury yachting in the Fiji Islands: a stakeholders' perspective

Vikas Gupta, Hiran Roy

This study explored the experiences and perceptions of stakeholders concerning luxury yachting in the Fiji Islands. It also revealed the facilities provided on luxury yachts…

Yachting tourism's contribution to the Caribbean's social economy and environmental stewardship

Therez B. Walker, Sophia Rolle, Michelle McLeod

This viewpoint article aims to explore yachting tourism in the Caribbean to understand its contribution to the economic and social well-being of stakeholders. In terms of the…

Well-being, experiences and superyachts

Russell Williams

The purpose of this conceptual paper is to review and synthesise key concepts in luxury with key concepts in well-being to provide a framework to better understand how luxury…

“What happens on the boat, stays on the boat”: the dark side of luxury yachting

Brianna Wyatt

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the dark side of luxury yachting, with specific focus on the treatment and well-being of yacht crews.

Conclusion: what is the impact of luxury yachting on the well-being of consumers and relevant stakeholders?

Tatiana Gladkikh, Hugues Séraphin

This concluding paper offers an overview of the academic and practitioner approaches to the issue of well-being in the luxury yachting sector of tourism, highlighting the…

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