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“The cut and thrust of industrial relations” – bullying by another name?

Pat Drake

The purpose of this paper is to offer a feminography, that is a “narration of a female self in a feminist age” (Abrams, 2017) by presenting a conceptual analysis, derived from…

Women entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa: A review of knowledge areas and research gaps

Bettina Lynda Bastian, Yusuf Munir Sidani, Yasmina El Amine

This paper aims to attempt to collate and understand the fragmented research on female entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The review assesses the…


“Some people claim there’s a woman to blame”: Gender sentencing disparity in male-dominated professions: evidence from AICPA infraction data

Jonathan T. Fluharty-Jaidee, Theresa DiPonio-Hilliard, Presha Neidermeyer, Mackenzie Festa

The purpose of this study is to investigate gender-based punishment bias in the type and severity of punishments imposed on a male-dominated profession using the accounting…

Female expatriates’ motivations and challenges: the case of oil and gas

Susan Shortland

This case study is designed as a teaching exercise and this paper aims to highlight the key issues for organisations’ expatriating women within masculine industry sectors and/or…


Challenges of translating qualitative management data

Jouharah M. Abalkhail

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the challenges of translating qualitative data from Arabic to English within the field of gender and management studies.

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