Gender in Management: Volume 24 Issue 5


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Human Resource Management

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Job insecurity and motivation among women in Nigerian consolidated banks

Catherine Chovwen, Emilia Ivensor

The purpose of this paper is to examine the predictors of perceived job insecurity and motivation among 286 female participants in merged and acquired banks in two capital…

The boardroom gender paradox

Sinikka Pesonen, Janne Tienari, Sinikka Vanhala

The purpose of this paper is to contribute to research on gender and corporate boards of directors by focusing on how female board professionals construct particular…

Motivational factors in a push‐pull theory of entrepreneurship

Jodyanne Kirkwood

Entrepreneurial motivations are often defined as fitting into “push” or “pull” categories. To date, research has focused on the factors motivating men and women…

Gender diversity in expatriation: evaluating theoretical perspectives

Susan Shortland

The purpose of this paper is to examine the range of theoretical underpinning used to explain women's participation as expatriates with a view to identifying the most…

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