International Journal of Managing Projects in Business: Volume 17 Issue 1


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Influence of the project managers' expertise and experience in the success of projects: the moderating effect of emotional intelligence

Lincoln Sposito, Isabel Cristina Scafuto, Fernando Ribeiro Serra, Manuel Portugal Ferreira

The authors investigated how emotional intelligence (EI) affects the relationship between project managers' (PMgs) expertise and experience and project success for both the team…

Stakeholders' perception of organization: an attribution and fairness perspective

Francesco Di Maddaloni, Roya Derakhshan

The study emphasizes the importance of human perception in engaging stakeholders and sheds light on the way the often “disregarded” actors (i.e. local communities) make sense of…

Making sense of project governance and its role in strategy implementation: a governance-as-practice perspective

Ata Ul Musawir, Mohd Suhaimi Mohd-Danuri, Saipol Bari Abd-Karim

This paper examines how expert practitioners define project governance and develop a project governance system that enables strategy implementation through projects.

Toward an enhanced methodology to mitigate challenges of applying participatory action research in managing innovation projects

Mohammad Mehrabioun Mohammadi

This research aims to examine the challenges of recruiting participatory action research (PAR) in managing innovation projects. An enhanced methodology based on PAR was developed…

Knowledge ambidexterity in construction project-based organizations: predicaments of knowledge networking intention within outbound consultant-supplier interfaces

Didas S. Lello, Yongchun Huang, Jonathan M. Kansheba

Agenda for knowledge creation within inter-project alliances and inter-firm supply chain networks has been extensively debated. However, the existing knowledge networks within…

Implementing success management on government-to-government projects: an integrated perspective with the PMBOK guide

Nilton Takagi, João Varajão, Thiago Ventura

As in the private sector, public organizational information systems (IS) development is commonly carried out through projects. One of the alternatives followed by governmental…

The information-seeking behaviors of project managers in professional virtual communities

Thomas P. Kenworthy

This research explores project manager (PM) behavior in their professional virtual communities (PVCs), using social identity theory as a theoretical foundation. The purpose is to…

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