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From self-management to a systemized process: the implementation of lean management in a Chinese hospital’s pharmacy intravenous admixture services center

Tian Gao, Xuzhu Zhang, Bruce Gurd, Zunyu Liu

The purpose of this paper is to explore the importance of lean leadership in an implementation in a Chinese hospital, considering a particular focus on the attitudes of nursing…

Responding and adapting to change: an allied health perspective

Lisa Beasley, Sandra Grace, Louise Horstmanshof

The purpose of this paper is to review the literature on the response and adaption to change of allied health professionals. Understanding how individuals respond and adapt to…


Beyond healthcare leadership? The imperative for health and social care systems

John Duncan Edmonstone

This paper aims to make the case that there is a need to move beyond a focus on an approach to leadership development which is confined to health care only. It argues that, given…


Dimensions of authentic leadership and patient care quality

Albert Puni, Sam Kris Hilton

The purpose of this study is to investigate the causal relationships between the dimensions of authentic leadership and patient care quality in the nursing profession of Ghana.


Nurses’ and nurse managers’ perceived transformational leadership behavioural practices: a survey

Roberta Sammut, Amanda Scicluna

The purpose of this paper is to compare the perceived transformational leadership practices of charge and staff nurses. Transformational leadership is effective in promoting…


Leader empowering behaviour: relationships with nurse and patient outcomes

Karen Cziraki, Carol Wong, Michael Kerr, Joan Finegan

This study aims to test a model examining the impact of leader empowering behaviour on experienced nurses’ self-efficacy, interprofessional collaboration, job turnover intentions…


Leadership and management culture within dental practice: a case study

Bhaven Modha

This case study aims to explore how leadership and management applies to a hypothetical scenario, focussing on a dental practice. As a teaching exercise, it may enable dentists…


Identity and relationship frames in medical leadership communication

Leena Mikkola, Heli Parviainen

A frame is an interpretive scheme of meanings that guide participants’ interpretations of social interaction and their actions in social situations (Goffman, 1974). By identifying…

Line managers and employees use of lean task boards in Norwegian municipal healthcare sector: a tool for action learning?

Yngve Antonsen, Geir Bye

This study aims to analyse the line managers and employees’ use of lean task boards over time in Norwegian municipalities using action learning theory. The research question was…

A leadership model for Iranian health-care organizations

Ebrahim Jaafaripooyan, Ali Mohammad Mosadeghrad, Maryam Ghiasipour, Iyad Ibrahim Shaqura

Leadership is the ability to influence, guide and encourage employees to achieve organizational goals. Leadership has a significant role in organizations’ success or failure…

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