Leadership in Health Services: Volume 32 Issue 3


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Turning the Titanic: physicians as both leaders and managers in healthcare reform

Colleen Marie Grady, C.R. (Bob) Hinings

Physicians are instrumental in healthcare reform and their capacity to employ both leadership and management skills can affect change at all levels. This paper aims to present the…

Nursing leadership in Ireland: experiences and obstacles

Jan M.A. de Vries, Elizabeth A. Curtis

This paper aims to investigate nurses’ experiences of leadership within health care in the Republic of Ireland.


Millennial managers: exploring the next generation of talent

Nathan Gerard

While considerable scholarly attention has been given to “millennials” (those born between 1981 and 1997), little is known of this generation’s ability to influence healthcare…


Moderating role of cynicism about organizational change between authentic leadership and commitment to change in Pakistani public sector hospitals

Haroon Bakari, Ahmed Imran Hunjra, Stephen Jaros, Imamuddin Khoso

This study aims to explore the moderating role of cynicism about change in the positive relationship between authentic leadership and employee commitment to change.


Alternative careers at the first level of management: First-line nurse managers’ responses to role conflict

Jörg W. Kirchhoff, Jan Ch. Karlsson

First-line nurse managers are frequently torn between conflicting demands from management and employees, and previous research suggests that nurse managers use a variety of…

Leader’s integrity and employee silence in healthcare organizations

Hakan Erkutlu, Jamel Chafra

Drawing on the social exchange theory, the purpose of this paper is to examine the relationship between a leader’s behavioral integrity and employee acquiescent silence…


Incorporating medical leadership into undergraduate curricula: a proposal for a spiral curriculum

Ross I. Lamont, Ann L.N. Chapman

There is increasing recognition of the importance of incorporating medical leadership training into undergraduate medical curricula and this is now advocated by the General…

Staff acting resiliently at two hospital wards

Bettina Ravnborg Thude, Andreas Granhof Juhl, Egon Stenager, Christian von Plessen, Erik Hollnagel

The purpose of this paper is to understand how the hospital staff (nurses and physicians) at two hospital wards have coped with everyday work having leaders in conflict or longer…

Exploring leadership styles in government hospitals in Kuwait

Talal ALFadhalah, Hossam Elamir

This paper aims to determine and assess leadership styles in six government general hospitals.

Improving healthcare service quality through performance management

Denise M. Kennedy, Christopher T. Anastos, Michael C. Genau

Healthcare service quality in the USA has gained importance under value-based payment models. Providing feedback to front-line staff is a vital component of managing service…

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