International Journal of Leadership in Public Services: Volume 6 Issue 3


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Integrative leadership, partnership working and wicked problems: a conceptual analysis

Juliette Alban‐Metcalfe, Beverly Alimo‐Metcalfe

After examining the nature and significance of ‘integrative’ leadership, a distinction is drawn between five different formal leadership roles. It is suggested that they tend to…


Vocation, vocation, vocation: spirituality for professionals in mental health services

Madeleine Parkes, Katja Milner, Peter Gilbert

People go into employment for a range of reasons. One of those is usually to find a sense of meaning, as humans are meaning‐seeking animals.In the public sector there is even more…

Exploring links between NHS leadership and improvement

Jeanne Hardacre, Robert Cragg, Hugh Flanagan, Peter Spurgeon, Jonathan Shapiro

While the need for leadership in health care is well recognised, there is still the need to better understand how leadership contributes to improving healthcare services. The body…


Is there such a thing as society?

Toby Williamson

This article argues that the values underlying public policy and public services in the UK appear to have changed dramatically over the last 30 years. The post‐war consensus…

Leading from the front: putting the people back into people management

Helen Lockett

Mental health conditions are common in the working population. Every organisation should have a comprehensive strategy that not only promotes mental health and provides effective…

‘Don't expect an easy pathway’: establishing the first national social care management trainee scheme for newly qualified graduates

Daphne Statham, Jennifer Bernard

This case study examines the reasons that the National Skills Academy for Social Care established the first national social care management trainee scheme for newly qualified…



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