International Journal of Leadership in Public Services: Volume 4 Issue 2


Table of contents

‘I Wanna Tell You a Story’: Leaders as Storytellers

Peter Bates, Peter Gilbert

The authors explore the concept of leaders as storytellers and suggest that this approach to leadership is helpful as a way of communicating effectively with people. The authors…


Leadership through the Lens of Mimetic Desire

Colin Pink

The author explores leadership ‘through the lens of mimetic desire’ suggesting that humans copy the behaviour of others and this is how we learn and progress. It is suggested that…


Putting People at the Heart of Public Services: Can We Make it a Reality this Time?

Jessie Cunnett

Exploring a brief history of patient and public involvement as a pathway to the present, the article considers whether we are close to achieving a system of public engagement in…


Thought Leadership: Moving Hearts and Minds

Robin Ryde

Leadership and organisational change starts with thinking: thinking about problems, thinking about possibilities and thinking about capabilities. But thinking never occurs in a…


Health Service Information Leadership Connex Ontario: A Complete Information System Solution

Brad Davey

This article, a product of an IIMHL‐brokered partnership, concerns the requisites of today's health services information systems, and how an organisation in London, Ontario…

Stephen Bubb, Chief Executive of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (acevo)

Catherine Deakin

Renowned as a consummate networker who ‘stalks the corridors of power’ Stephen Bubb's work on leadership, sector funding and public service reform has radically shifted attitudes…



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