Journal of Technology Management in China: Volume 7 Issue 1


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Technology transfer in Asia: challenges from a cross‐cultural perspective

Christian Hirt

The purpose of this paper is to highlight challenges to the transfer of technologies which are caused by the internationalization of companies and the need to outsource…

A strategic framework for determining e‐commerce adoption

Peixin Li, Wei Xie

Many firms have attempted to adopt e‐commerce to upgrade their formidable competitive capabilities and thereby build their own competitive advantages. However, some firms…

How Taiwan's semiconductor distributors select strategic partners in China

Chun‐An Chen, Hsein‐li Lee, Chia‐Hui Wu

Taiwan's semiconductor industry continues moving out to China, therefore Taiwan's semiconductor distributors must cooperate with the local distributors in China in order…

Green practices in the Chinese building industry: drivers and impediments

Jung Ying Liu, Sui Pheng Low, Xi He

Green building has become increasingly significant in China, with hundreds of projects being certified. While this has been the case, the driving and impeding factors…

Influence of creativity and knowledge sharing on performance

Chao‐Sen Wu, Cheng‐Jong Lee, Li‐Fen Tsai

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the influence of technological creativity for sports and knowledge sharing on individual performance, and to analyze the…

Globalization and its impact on China's technology innovation system

Huijiong Wang, Yan Hong

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the general trend of globalization, the role of transnational corporations in the process of globalization and China's integration…

Effects of international collaboration and knowledge moderation on China's nanotechnology research impacts

Li Tang, Philip Shapira

Recent studies report that China is becoming a leading nation in the quantity of scientific output, including in the emerging field of nanotechnology. In nanotechnology…

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