Journal of Public Mental Health: Volume 6 Issue 2

The art, science and politics of creating a mentally healthy society


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The complex territory of well‐being: contestable evidence, contentious theories and speculative conclusions

Sandra Carlisle, Phil Hanlon

This paper brings together evidence and theories from a number of disciplines and thinkers that highlight multiple, sometimes incommensurable understandings about…

A systematic review of the evidence on the effect of the built and physical environment on mental health

Charlotte Clark, Rowan Myron, Stephen Stansfeld, Bridget Candy

This paper assesses the strength of the evidence on the impact of the physical environment on mental health and well‐being. Using a systematic review methodology…


The health impact of policy interventions tackling the social determinants of common mental disorder: a systematic review

Bridget Candy, Vicky Cattell, Charlotte Clark, Stephen Stansfeld

Those most socially disadvantaged are at a greater risk of common mental disorder (CMD). The need to evaluate the health impact of social policy interventions that aim to…

Promoting maternal mental health: women's strategies for presenting a positive identity and the implications for mental health promotion

Wendy Franks, Karen Henwood, Gillian Bowden

There are many barriers to effective mental health promotion with mothers living in socially disadvantaged communities. These include failure to take account of local…

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