Journal of Public Mental Health: Volume 5 Issue 1

The art, science and politics of creating a mentally healthy society


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Mental health promotion and mental disorder prevention in Europe

Eva Jané‐Llopis

These are exciting times for prevention and promotion in mental health at the European level, writes Eva Jané‐Llopis. We have a European Commission mental health green…

Towards a mental health strategy for the European Union

Monika Kosinska

The European Commission adopted its green paper on mental health on 14 October 2005, taking forward the Mental Health Declaration and Action Plan for Europe endorsed by…

Improving the mental health of the population: a strategy for Europe

Jude Stansfield

The European Commission green paper Improving the Mental Health of the Population, published in October 2005, is essentially a public mental health strategy for the…

Stakeholder involvement: a challenge for intergovernmental organisations

Robert Hayward, Paul Cutler

There is growing evidence that mental health policy is failing. One reason for this may be that the top‐down approach of governments and transnational agencies is unable…

Sharing spaces: school playground design and children's well‐being

Kate Edwards

The shared space of school grounds can provide a rich educational resource in addition to a safe environment for play, enjoyment and relaxation. The project described in…

Mental health promotion: a perspective from Slovenia

Tanja Kamin

Slovenia regained its independence in 1991, and in 2004 became a member of the European Union. Despite some progress in public health policy and practice, mental health…

Mental health promotion in the workplace: a European perspective

Karl Kuhn

The links between work and mental health are gaining increasing recognition both within individual member states and at European Community level as a whole. Yet it is also…

Help‐seeking attitudes and behaviours among young people in Northern Ireland

Breda Teahan, Deirdre McNamee, Lyn Donnelly

Engaging young people in the planning of mental health promotion programmes and initiatives to meet their expressed needs continues to be a challenge for commissioners and…

Establishing national mental health and well‐being indicators for Scotland

Jane Parkinson

The growing interest in the mental health and well‐being of populations raises questions about traditional measures of public mental health, which have largely focused on…

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