Journal of Public Mental Health: Volume 4 Issue 3

The art, science and politics of creating a mentally healthy society


Table of contents

The depsychiatrisation of mental illness

Joseph Dumit

Using as an example the mental health mass screening and treatment programmes instituted in some US states, Joseph Dumit describes how the western world has arrived at a…

In search of certainty: risk management in a biological age

Nikolas Rose

The combination of heightened emphasis on risk and its management in mental health, the precautionary principle, the idea of genetic susceptibility, advances in screening…

Challenging the globalisation of biomedical psychiatry

Philip Thomas, Patrick Bracken, Paul Cutler, Robert Hayward, Rufus May, Salma Yasmeen

For over 100 years biomedical psychiatry has dominated the way people throughout the western world understand their sadness and distress, despite the lack of empirical…

The pharmacogenomics of depression: mapping the social and ethical impact

Michael Barr, Ilina Singh, Nikolas Rose

Depressive disorders are a focus of growing social and economic concern. While antidepressant medications are widely accepted, they are ineffective for nearly 40% of…

Antipsychiatric activism and feminism: the use of film and text to question biomedicine

Diane Wiener

This article examines the relationships between antipsychiatric activism and feminism, paying particular attention to the civil liberties of mental health…

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