International Journal of Web Information Systems: Volume 3 Issue 4


Table of contents - Special Issue: Advances in Agent and non‐Agent Software Engineering: Methodologies on the Web

Guest Editors: Dr Elhadi Shakshuki

Test selection criteria for real‐time systems modeled as timed input‐output automata

Abdeslam En‐Nouaary

This paper aims to address formal testing of real‐time systems by providing readers with guidance for generating test cases from timed automata.

RUP extension for the development of secure systems

Carlos Eduardo de Barros Paes, Celso Massaki Hirata

Nowadays, most of the software development processes still does not provide appropriate support for the development of secure systems. Rational Unified Process (RUP) is a…

Using web search logs to identify query classification terms

Isak Taksa, Sarah Zelikovitz, Amanda Spink

The work presented in this paper aims to provide an approach to classifying web logs by personal properties of users.


Patterns and transitions of query reformulation during web searching

Bernard J. Jansen, Mimi Zhang, Amanda Spink

To investigate and identify the patterns of interaction between searchers and search engine during web searching.


A security framework for agent‐based systems

Jamal Bentahar, Francesca Toni, John‐Jules Ch. Meyer, Jihad Labban

This paper aims to address some security issues in open systems such as service‐oriented applications and grid computing. It proposes a security framework for these systems taking…

Web accessibility in information systems

Mohammad Eyadat, Dorothy Fisher

The purpose of this research is to examine web accessibility initiative (WAI) guidelines for web accessibility so as to incorporate web accessibility in information systems (IS…


World's first web census

Darcy Benoit, André Trudel

To measure the exact size of the world wide web (i.e. a census). The measure used is the number of publicly accessible web servers on port 80.

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