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Web‐based Structured Hypermedia Algorithm Explanation system

Elhadi Shakshuki, Andreas Kerren, Tomasz Müldner

The purpose of this paper is to present the development of a system called Structured Hypermedia Algorithm Explanation (SHALEX), as a remedy for the limitations existing within…

Architectural approach for handling semi‐structured data in a user‐centred working environment

Andreas Ekelhart, Stefan Fenz, Gernot Goluch, Markus D. Klemen, Edgar R. Weippl

Today the amount of all kinds of digital data (e.g. documents and e‐mails), existing on every user's computer, is continuously growing. Users are faced with huge difficulties when…

An innovative web‐based approach for study skills development in higher education

Caitriona Bermingham, Abdulhussain E. Mahdi

It is recognised that students in higher education need to acquire and develop effective study and transferable skills in order to be successful in their study and beyond. The…

An efficient algorithm for tree pattern query minimization under broad integrity constraints

Dunren Che

Tree pattern is at the core of XML queries. The tree patterns in XML queries typically contain redundancies, especially when broad integrity constraints (ICs) are present and…

Mubser: a bilingual Braille to text translation with an Arabic interface

AbdulMalik Al‐Salman, Mohamed Alkanhal, Yousef AlOhali, Hazem Al‐Rashed, Bander Al‐Sulami

The purpose of this paper is to describe the development of a system called Mubser to translate Arabic and English Braille into normal text. The system can automatically detect…

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