International Journal of Web Information Systems: Volume 2 Issue 3/4


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MAGGIS: A Mobile‐Agent and GML Based Distributed Geographic Information System

Jihong Guan, Jiaogen Zhou, Shuigeng Zhou

The rapidly emerging of Mobile Internet and the constantly increasing of wireless subscribers' number bring new opportunities and challenges to geographic information sharing and…

Web‐Based Diet Information System with Case‐Based Reasoning Capabilities

S. D. Ravana, S. Abdul Rahman, H. Y. Chan

Encouraging socio‐economic development in developing countries has resulted in many changes in the lifestyle of communities. Changes in dietary patterns are one of the main…

Handheld Computing and Programming for Mobile Commerce

Wen‐Chen Hu, Jyh‐Haw Yeh, Lixin Fu, Hung‐Jen Yang

Using Internet‐enabled mobile handheld devices to access the World Wide Web is a promising addition to the Web and traditional e‐commerce. Mobile handheld devices provide…


Sibling‐First Data Organization for Parse‐Free XML Data Processing

Hooman Homayounfar, Fangju Wang

XML is becoming one of the most important structures for data exchange on the web. Despite having many advantages, XML structure imposes several major obstacles to large document…

M3PS: A JXTA‐based Multi‐platform P2P System and its Web Application Tools

Leonard Barolli, Fatos Xhafa, Arjan Durresi, Giuseppe De Marco

Peer‐to‐Peer computing offers many attractive features, such as collaboration, self‐organization, load balancing, availability, fault tolerance and anonymity. However, it also…

Delivering a Fully Interactive Mobile TV

Dian Tjondronegoro, Lei Wang, Adrien Joly

Affordable mobile devices with video playback functionality are rapidly growing in the market. Current wireless and third generation communication networks enable smoother and…

SoaM: A Web‐powered Architecture for Designing and Deploying Pervasive Semantic Devices

Juan Ignacio Vazquez, Diego López de Ipiña, Iñigo Sedano

Despite several efforts during the last years, the web model and semantic web technologies have not yet been successfully applied to empower Ubiquitous Computing architectures in…

A Novel Approach for Ontology Distribution in Ubiquitous Environments

Mohamed Ali Feki, Mounir Mokhtari, Ismail Khalil Ibrahim

In this paper, we describe a novel approach for ontology distribution in ubiquitous environments. We present the Context Aware Explorer (CAE) framework we have developed which…

Systematic Development of Physical Hypermedia Applications

Cecilia Challiol, Gustavo Rossi, Silvia Gordillo, Valeria De CristÓfolo

In this paper we present a model‐based approach for the development of physical hypermedia applications, i.e. those mobile (Web) applications in which physical and digital objects…

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