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Clustering web documents using co‐citation, coupling, incoming, and outgoing hyperlinks: a comparative performance analysis of algorithms

Derry Tanti Wijaya, Stéphane Bressan

Querying search engines with the keyword “jaguars” returns results as diverse as web sites about cars, computer games, attack planes, American football, and animals. More and more…

A comparative study of web resource mining algorithms for one‐stop learning

SeungJin Lim, Youngrae Ko

Web resource mining for one‐stop learning is an effort to turn the Web into a convenient and valuable resource for education for the self‐motivated, knowledge seeking student. It…

Web crawlers compared

Christian Girardi, Filippo Ricca, Paolo Tonella

Tools for the assessment of the quality and reliability of Web applications are based on the possibility of downloading the target of the analysis. This is achieved through Web…

Modeling views in the layered view model for XML using UML

Rajugan Rajagopalapillai, Elizabeth Chang, Tharam S. Dillon, Ling Feng

In data engineering, view formalisms are used to provide flexibility to users and user applications by allowing them to extract and elaborate data from the stored data sources…

DaVinci ‐ A model‐driven web engineering framework

Andreas Langegger, Jürgen Palkoska, Roland Wagner

The World Wide Web has undergone a rapid transition from the originally static hypertext to an ubiquitous hypermedia system. Today, the Web is not only used as a basis for…

Broadcasting commercial advertising using bluetooth technology

Abdul Malik S. Al‐Salman

Wireless technologies have enhanced applications mobility in no small way. They have created new and increasing number of human‐related challenges particularly in the areas of…

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